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We Will Survive

by LS Murphy

Okay, maybe right now it does feel like the end of the world. But it's not. The St. Louis Cardinals will go on and, in the long run, we will be better without Albert's salary to weigh them down.

Are fans angry? Absolutely. We all thought that Albert was above the pettiness of who has the bigger dick... I mean salary. He fooled us.

Do the fans feel betrayed? No doubt. We all thought that Albert's love of this city and this organization was heartfelt and true. Why would he say that he wants to be a Cardinal for life and turn his back on us? Why would he stand proudly as a statue is erected in his honor if he wasn't going to return? He lied to us.

Are the fans hurting? Yep. It hurts. When our idols lie to us, betray us, and tell us we aren't good enough, it cuts into your heart and tears it apart. Because in St. Louis, you are more than a baseball player. You're put on a pedestal. You're worshiped. You ARE everything this city represents. And when it turns out that you don't want to be here anymore, it hurts everyone.

Albert Pujols is the greatest player of his generation. There isn't any doubt about that. But, when he signed that ridiculous contract with the Angels, he proved that he was just like the rest of them. He fell off his pedestal. He will no longer be worshiped. He doesn't represent the honor and dignity of St. Louis. In other words, Albert Pujols is human.

So take the positive out of this:

1) Our team won't be cash strapped by one man.

2) Our team will survive and continue to win World Championships.

3) We will survive.

Goodbye Albert. And good luck living up to the expectations a huge contract brings. California is an entirely different entity than St. Louis. In California, you'll be just another man. It's what you wanted.

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