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Worst of the Best

By Mark Ashby Vaughan

Are the Saint Louis Cardinals as good a team as most people think?

As of today, July 20, they are in 3rd place in the NL Central trailing, of all teams, the Pittsburgh Pirates by 1 ½ games and the Milwaukee Brewers by 1 game. The team currently sports a 50-46 record for a .521 winning percentage which is good for 84 wins over a 162 game schedule. That’s hardly championship caliber play.

If the NL was a single league without divisions, the Cardinals would be in 7th place behind the teams already mentioned as well as the Phillies, Braves, Giants and Rockies. Thank goodness for divisional play.

The Redbirds also trail the Indians, Tigers, Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, Rangers and Angels in the American League.

Bottom Line: Overall, the Cardinals are the 14th best team in baseball.

Summary: The Cardinals are the worst of the best teams in baseball.

The Good News: Considering that there are only six divisions up for grabs, and only eight playoff spots overall, you might be lucky enough to spot a Cardinal at the local tavern while you’re watching the playoffs come this October.

1 comment:

  1. The Cards would be 20 games back in a race to the bottom with the Orioles in the AL East, where you need to be a beast just to play .500.
    Rasmus is a nice player, he can relax because he is now in a lineup that can rake with the best. He's another piece in the Jay's upswing. And it's nice to see that Tony Baloney is the same idiot as when he ran Rolen (best glove at 3rd I've seen, including Brooks Robinson)and Baloney Tony had no time for the best shortstop I EVER saw, that being Ozzie the Wizard.
    Tony was an idiot in the early 90's and he's an idiot now. He puckered up to morons like Conseco, and drunks like Eckersley. Never mind his own DUI history.
    And tell me why MacGuire is such an over rated coach. I saw the guy live from the time he was a rookie with the A's. He did squat 'till he hit the roids.
    Explain to me how that guy who weaseled out in front of the USA Congress has any cred when it comes to the tech of hitting. Please.
    Anyway, Rasmus is just one of the guys up here, because it's a TEAM.
    From what I've seen in the last few days, the Cards, with Tony Baloney, are a JOKE. Stick a fork in him, he is done.


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