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Open Mouth, Insert Foot

by LS Murphy

Brandon Phillips made some pretty nasty remarks about the St. Louis Cardinals. He has his right to his opinion. He has the right to free speech.

No, I’m not defending him.

Let’s take this into consideration. If anyone of us average Joes or Janes made a similar statement about one of our employer’s competitors to the national media, we’d find ourselves in the unemployment line. So why should Phillips get a free pass from the Cincinnati Reds?

The Reds have always been a classy organization. They’ve had their issues just like any other ball club but they handled them fairly well. Here’s a chance for them to continue with that tradition. Phillips needs to be reprimanded by the club. He needs to be fined or suspended for a game. He needs to learn that he is a professional and that professionals shouldn’t act like children on a tantrum. And he should’ve already learned this by watching Milton Bradley’s antics on and off the field over the years.

Now that he’s stuck his foot in his mouth, he’s bound to his statement. Unfortunately, he has bound his team to it as well. With so many former Cardinals playing along side him, it puts them in an uncomfortable situation. Scott Rolen and Jimmy Edmonds may not wear the birds on the bat anymore but Cardinals fans still respect them for what they did in the past and what they continue to do with other teams. Heck, we even gave Edmonds a standing ovation when he arrived at the plate at Busch in a Cubs uniform.

Regardless of the reason behind his statement, Phillips also needs to take in to consideration that one day he might play for the Cardinals. Baseball is a business after all. Trades and free agency could potentially land him on our radar. I doubt that the franchise would consider giving him a chance after his statement and I am certain local media wouldn’t let him forget it if they did.

One of the reasons I love baseball like I do is that it is a gentleman’s game. Players, coaches, general managers all perform their duties in respectful manners. Every now and then, there’s a glitch in the spirit of the game. In the NL Central alone, we’ve seen such explosions by the aforementioned Bradley and Carlos Zambrano. It’s unfortunate but it happens.

Whether Phillips was trying to get himself or his team pumped up for the series, I don’t know. What he did do is get the Cardinals riled up and now they’ve taken the series. This afternoon the Redbirds go for the sweep and to take soul possession of first in the NL Central. It’s more fun to let the Brandon Phillips eat his words after he finds his team trailing the Cardinals in the standings anyway.

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  1. I would agree that baseball is at a higher level than Phillips has chosen to go, maybe he should find a new pro sports such as the NFL.


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