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LaRue - Cueto

by LS Murphy

The skirmish between the Reds and the Cardinals just won’t go away. The Cards announced that back up catcher Jason LaRue would go on the 60 day DL due to injuries received by Cueto’s spikes. But Cueto only misses one start due to his seven game suspension.

Anyone else see a problem with this?

Cueto gets a slap on the hand while LaRue hits the DL and ends his season unable to play. The Player’s Association and league have a rule that the punishment needs to be handed down within 48 hours. Is that really enough time to access injury potential?

No, it obviously isn’t.

LaRue’s concussion can fester for a long period of time or it can heal within a matter of weeks. But Cueto’s actions required much tougher punishment. And I still believe that Walt Jocketty and the Cincinnati Reds should have punished Cueto through the organization. Instead, they paid him. He didn’t even have to pay the fine MLB levied against him. Brandon Phillips paid it. Seriously, Carlos Zambrano got worse punishment for beating up a Gatorade cooler in his dugout. Zambrano didn’t cause serious injury to anyone.

I get why MLB and the PA have the 48 hour window. Things like these don’t need to fester. The game must go on. BUT the punishment should fit the crime. The average joes and janes that watch baseball and love it see the example the players set for their own kids. We couldn’t act like this in our jobs. We expect our children to act like good little boys and girls when we put them on the field to play. Then something like this happens.

Backed into a corner or not, Cueto’s actions are irresponsible as a player and as a human being. It’s clear he intended to injury anyone near him, even his own club. Surely that deserves more than a slap on the hand.

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