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Who Is Left?

By LS Murphy

Now that Roy Oswalt is heading to the City of Brotherly Love and Miguel Tejada is switching coasts, are there any viable players that can make an impact for the Cardinals?

All the “big” names are gone. Even with our best hopes, there was no way the Astros would send Oswalt to a team within their own division. It wasn’t going to happen. And we really don’t need him. Yes, I know we would all like to see a new fifth starter in the rotation but we need a bat more.

Miguel Tejada wasn’t a good choice for this team either. Defensively, we have a solid third baseman in David Freese and fairly solid shortstop in Brendan Ryan. Felipe Lopez, when he shows on time, has done a decent job filling in for the injured Freese. Where would Tejada have played? Personally, I don’t think he’s interested in being regulated to bench duty once Freese returns. His bat, not his defense, would’ve made him a good fit only. We need more than that.

So that leaves the Cards looking for regular Joes, players that can make an impact without being a big name. John Mozeliak has stated the team has “payroll flexibility” so getting a deal done with someone make millions won’t hinder the issue.

Finding the right fit, that’s the problem.

A pitcher would be nice. An impact bat in the middle infield that would be nicer. But it has to be a bat that won’t sacrifice the defense.

Ryan’s defense at short has been shaky at times this season but his bat has been worse. We know what he can do. He can be amazing. Last year, he gave us hope that a Gold Glove might be in order soon. And he is still relatively solid in the position he worked so heard to earn. Last year he hit .292. This year, he’s under the Mendoza line, hitting a measly .198. Ryan’s problems are all mental. It doesn’t take a shrink to see that.

Skip’s second full year at second has been defensively worse than his first. He hasn’t been consistent at the plate either. Last year, he hit .303. Right now he’s at .261. Is this another mental issue? I don’t know.

Cardinals Nation will be watching the Twitter feeds, the numerous blogs, every sports station they get over the next 24 hours as the trade deadline gets closer to see who Mo lands. And to see who he doesn’t.

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