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All Star Lame

J. Owen

Even though the home field advantage in the World Series is on the line, a Washington National’s pitcher has the ball on the mound in the 8th, and the all-star game got it’s worst ratings in years.

I am sorry, I didn’t think it got any lower than Bud Selig ending a baseball game in a tie, but then it did. He made it count. So fans all around the country are voting for their favorite player, who may or may not deserve to be an all-star.

Then those players who don’t deserve it, and we all know they are out there, play in the game that could determine a World Series championship. Most these fans voting probably know nothing about the all-star game, or who Martin Prado is, let alone care which league has home field advantage in the World Series.

So then if the game counts, and the managers in it were from teams who are concerned over the result, they would play to win. But they don’t. They want to get all the all-stars in to the game to play. So last night, with the game on the line, the AL had John Buck batting. The fate of a team’s home field advantage relied on him, and his team is not in the picture. It also had David Ortiz on first, someone who cannot run well, and wouldn’t even be close to the all-star picture if it weren’t for a ridiculous June, and the fact he plays in Boston.

Hopefully Bud Selig wakes up and realizes that his creation is not working. Ratings aren’t up. If he refuses to change, and continues to use the game as a decision maker for home field advantage, then at least let the leagues managers vote for the players in the game, not fans. It would be a pity not to go to the ball park in May and June and not receive a classic All-Star ballot, but then again it is a shame that a team with 100 wins might not get home field advantage to a team with 90. Besides, are not the 3 days in mid-July considered the All-Star break? What kind of break is it if one of the biggest games of the year lands smack dab in the middle?


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