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5 Reasons it is Good to be a Cardinals Fan

We’ve bolted past the midway point of the season. We saw a brief flash of brilliance.

And now the dog days of summer are upon us.

Reflecting upon the 2010 season thus far, I have come to recognize a few things to be thankful for as this season’s Cardinals team continues to baffle, bemuse and bewilder us all.

Reason #1: This Cardinals team can be thankful that they aren’t the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles are more games out of 1st place (32 ½) than they have wins (31). That is horrible. But, considering that the Orioles are the progeny of the perennial laughing stock of the American League’s St. Louis Browns, maybe it isn’t that surprising.

Reason #2: The Birdos can be thankful that they don’t play in the American League East division where they would be in 4th place. And, instead of playing the titans of that division during their interleague interludes, the Cards get to wrestle with the likes of the mighty Kansas City Royals.

Reason #3: This team ain’t the Pittsburgh Pirates who are currently working on an 18th straight losing season. The Buccos look like they will be successful in tacking on another year to their league record in futility…..just for good measure.

Reason #4: The team is about to get Kyle Lohse back into the rotation. Oh, wait, the Cardinals are scoring an average of 4.4 runs per game and Kyle’s ERA is 5.89. Hmmmm. Well, his career ERA of 4.71 should help. Ooops, no, that won’t do either. Oh, well that takes me to…..

Reason #5: There are only 62 games left to play.

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