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2010 Commercials, A Review

by LS Murphy

The new crop of "Play Like a Cardinal" commercials are out into the world. In the past we've been treated to such excellent acting skills from Brendan Ryan pulling a cape from Albert's locker while Adam Wainwright shushes him to Carp throwing literal heat off the mound. This year's commercials are no exception to the fun we expect and we even get a little sap from Matt Holliday.

"No Stealing"

In this commercial, Fredbird steals second only to run into Yadier Molina. Yadi takes the bag and walks away shaking his head. This should be played during the games to remind other teams that YOU DON'T RUN ON YADI.

"All-Time Hitter"

Fredbird is up to his usual trouble again when he decides to scratch out Albert's name in LaRussa's line up. Tony catches him with a "HEY", leaving Fredbird to scramble to safety. What I love about this commercial is Tony LaRussa. It's great to see him getting involved with the commercials. After all, he is the embodiment of this team.


Waino gets stopped entering the stadium and uses his Gold Glove award as ID. As much as I love Adam Wainwright, this seems a little too familiar.

"New Home Town"

A monologue by Matt Holliday about his new hometown is all the sap I can take. And I love it. Too bad the words weren't written by Holliday so we knew that his contract was more about playing for the best fans in baseball than about dollars. But I'll take what I can get. Welcome back, Matt. Break the curse of # 7.

"New Sheriff"

To me, this is the epitome of this year's batch. Ryan and Skip question what good old Brendan Ryan have in store for opening day. And then we see Brendan Ryan grow a mustache as fast as he can spin. Classic. My friend Erika has started a campaign to get him on Twitter. If this isn't reason enough, might I toss in that Brendan can act goofy 24/7 there and we will eat it all up.


This is by far my favorite. Waino and Carp tying in a darts game. It's all too appropriate because we don't have a #1 pitcher and a #2 pitcher. We have TWO #1s. Plus I like that they are taking turns getting the darts.

"Security vs Fredbird"

I love you, Fredbird but this was a "whatever" for me. I'd rather see you tangle with the Phanatic or at "Mascot" spring training.


This may sum up the season. Pick your poison indeed.

"Molina's Gold Glove"

Yadi asks Colby to toss his glove. Colby looks at the gold on his hand. They could've combined Waino's and Yadi's gold glove commercials. But two different commercials about gold gloves, too much. I did like seeing Colby in there though.

"Baseball Cards"

I love that Skip and Brendan are in the dugout, playing with their baseball cards. It's also nice to see that even they appreciate the one-two punch that is Pujols/Holliday.

We know that Brendan's a kid at heart, it was nice to see Skip get some more play. In fact, I think that Brendan Ryan and Skip Schumaker should star in more than two commercials. They play off each other well, even better when Ryan Ludwick gets involved.

All in all, this year's much anticipated "Play Like a Cardinal" commercial do what they always do. Leave me wanting more.

You can see them all here:

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