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I'll be honest, over the years its been a turnoff to engage in steroid discussion. The bottom line for me is that steroids in baseball has always had two sides.

Heads - The players merely did what players forever have done - get an edge in the game by any means necessary. Antiquated cheating schemes of spitballs and corked bats have been replaced by the more modern, and much more profitable, steroids and all other banned performance enhancing drugs, Cialis and Viagra not included in this distinguished list. When a person is faced with a choice between right and wrong, and the wrong choice not only has an immeasurable short term financial benefit, but has absolutely no short term consequence outside of risking individual health, that choice becomes debatable.

Tails - While the media and society have been banding together to villify the specific steroid using players and publicly destroy their lives, the team owners have been sitting behind bullet proof glass counting the stacks of dollars that have been rolling in due in large part to those villians. Never was it important to these owners to preserve the game from these cheaters when the game of baseball was losing the interest of the fan during the 1990's. While these owners turned their head away from the growing use of performance enhancing drugs, they simultaneously turned toward the millions of dollars being generated as a result of them. The owners have been the undercurrent that has swept away the purity of the sport of baseball.

All that covered, let me tackle the Mark McGwire steroid admittance situation specifically. First of all, it's about time the "truth" has come out. Not that we have been waiting for some clarification for 10+ years, but the slap-in-the-face that has been to deny and hide from the issue has become annoying to say the least. Secondly, you could have made things simpler by actually telling the truth about your steroid use instead of lying about telling the truth about your steroid use. Taking steroids "a few times" throughout the decade is a far cry from the reality that you used it on a regular schedule like every other everyday steroid user. Lastly, we may buy the tickets to attend the games and help pay your ridiculously outrageous, counterfit salaries, but we're not buying the separation of steroids allowing you to be healthy enough to play, however it didn't assist you in your actual performance. My grandmother's buttcheeks!

And one more thing, for all the media types that are so concerned at what these steriod admissions are doing to our youth, why don't you stop complaining about asterisks and home-run records and the hall of fame voting, and actually shed some light on the dangers and consequences of these drugs. It's getting hard to believe that the reason society is so disappointed and outraged at these steroid users is because of the image it shows the youth of our nation. All we really hear are the teardrops falling from all your boyhood dreams that have been shattered based on your outdated, over-idolization of sports stars. Get over it. They're people with problems just like the rest of us.


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