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'Tis the Holliday Season

by: Brian F. Logush

First, I would like to say that I am absolutely ashamed of myself for the title of this post. I truly am. I fully intend to sit in a corner for no less than ten minutes so I can think about what I have done.

Second, a friend of mine told me he finds my writing very cynical and pessimistic, and wishes I would be more positive. So with that in mind, and with Jason Bay going to the Mets for a reported 4-year deal worth $66 million, I'm going to try this whole "optimism" thing.

Congratulations, St. Louis Cardinals, on the inevitable signing of Matt Holliday to your roster for the next few seasons. Good job. You will have secured one of the best left-fielders in the MLB to hit .300 with 25-30 HRs and 90+ RBIs.

Of course, Holliday isn't on your team yet. But with Bay headed to Citi Field, the options for Holliday are minimal. Does he really want to spend the next six or seven years in the baseball mecca known as Baltimore? Probably not. Although their Shad-Roe is reportedly excellent. Seattle was also a dark-horse for him. But by signing the game's biggest headache, where do they stand? Off to the side most likely. Look, your odds are growing by the minute!

This leaves your club as the main option. And I have a feeling that Scott Boras wants to do business. With you. You're so lucky. Baseball's super-agent has his sights set on you, and you alone. Right now, all of his other clients are dealing with assistants in order to work a new contract. But Boras is ready to talk to you and you alone, and nothing will make him stop. He's already heard about the reported offer to his star-client. The one reported at 6-years and $100 million. But it wasn't accepted. He's holding out for more. But look at the bright side: he knows you are the only real option for his client. He's playing the same game he did last year with Manny Ramirez. But he blinked first, remember? Manny went back to the Dodgers for what they originally offered. Sure he didn't sign until March, but who cares? The point is the Dodgers got him anyway. So if you get Holliday to sign that 6-year deal a week and a half into spring training, it makes it OK. Unless he pops positive for a female fertility drug, but that won't happen.

But those pesky Angels are also interested. Arte Moreno has proven himself as a worthy baseball owner, and has a strong passion for the game. And with Vladimir Guerrero on his way out, there's a slot open for Holliday. Boras knows that. And he'll play that angle until the ink is scrawled on that contract. But Moreno won't make a serious offer. Why not, you ask? Because Moreno hates dealing with Scott Boras. And he told reporters in Chicago that Holliday is "not going to be an Angel. We are not looking at [him] at all."

The chances are likely that Holliday is your man. So let Boras play his game. Let him huff. Let him puff. Hell, let him try to blow your house down. That stadium's only four-years old. It ain't going anywhere. He'll want better than Bay's $16.5 million/year. So give him a win. Your contract offer would give Holliday $16.6 million per. Boras will want more. So throw another $5 million in the pot. What the hell? This way, it's a win-win. Scott Boras gets to brag that he played hard-ball and got his man an extra $5 million, as well as $1 million more per year than Bay. And you get one of the top left-fielders in baseball on your team for six more years. And he provides amazing protection for Pujols, which is good for the entire organization. Well done, Mozeliak. A top of the cap to you, sir.

Wait. When is Pujols' contract up? In two years? Wow. The bidding for him is going to be intense. There could be as many as six teams looking at him, including the Yankees, Red Sox and Angels. Damn.

This optimism thing is hard.


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