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McGwire Returns

By LS Murphy
It’s unofficially official. Several media outlets reported today that Mark McGwire would return to St. Louis, and in uniform. Yes, Big Mac will be riding the bench as the new hitting coach.
Critics will pounce on McGwire’s character once the announcement is made later this week. McGwire’s congressional testimony has been his most recent legacy. And it shouldn’t be. If it wasn’t for Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa’s battle for the homerun crown in 1998, who knows where baseball might be now.
After the baseball strike of 1994, these two men, roided or not, brought baseball back to the people. They handed our national past time to us on a silver platter. They made us remember how much fun a game can be to watch. They made us believe in heroes. In hindsight, that chase for #62 is still exciting, even with the steriod accusations, confirmed or not.
Mark McGwire may fail miserably or he may succeed. But let’s not jump to conclusions. Let him have his chance. After all, this city is notorious for its love of the game and respect for the players. Besides, we don’t drive on the Mark McGwire Highway for no reason.

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  1. Its true Big Mac saved baseball. Think this will lure Holliday back as he has worked with Big Mac in the past?

  2. Anything is possible. I think the teams that "Holliday" announced he wanted to play for was just the usual posturing by Boras.


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