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Just Play Your A%& Off

By: Will Saulsbery

That's all we ask. Us here in St. Louis. If you come to the great Midwest all we want from you is your absolute best at all times. This town has lost a lot. Jobs. Money. People. But never our pride. Never our idea of hard work. Never our expectations of our fellow man to earn their paycheck. We don't tolerate freeloaders, wimps, or vagrants. Our Cardinals have long embodied and mirrored the ideals and ideology of the city. The phrase "a hard nine" and been thrown around the last few seasons, but it goes further than the scrappy clubs of the past two years. Cardinal clubs have been labeled as underdogs, underachievers, overachievers, and a group of nobodies. But never has a club been accused of giving up.

This is what we want from our front office this off season. Don't give up on this ball club. Give them a chance at redemption. Do what you can to put together a potent line-up and an effective back of the rotation.

The Simple answer
Throw a boat load of money at Holliday, Derosa and Pinero. This would make many people happy. A quick fix and an easy comfy off season. But this isn't how Cardinal teams are built. Our clubs are built from castaways, has been's and never should be's. This is what we need.

The Better Answer
1. Say bye bye to the short Holliday we had- Let him go and make his cash grab on the east coast. We've won before him and we'll win after him. Yes, he is a potent bat, but we only won five more...let me repeat that...five more games in '09 then '08. He wasn't the difference...Carpenter and Wainwright were. If we had a closer worth his salt in '08, we would have won the central. Period.

2. Let 'ol Pinero Go- He had a good season...A good a contract year. I don't trust it, and when you search your soul, neither do you. Thank him for his service, a good three month run from June through August and a big goose egg in game three. Let some middle of the road NL team looking for that one little piece to get them over the hump overpay...Say like the Brewers...they like STL Leftovers.

3. Re-sign Derosa- He's a Cardinal. He was born one and he finally made his way home. I know the Cubs will try and overwhelm him. I know that the kind of money he will be presented with will be almost impossible to turn down. But he must. You won't win with the Cubs. The Cubs are like the girl you think is perfect in every way but six months into the courtship you realize she has a lot of baggage...but not a lot of clothes. How many free agents have signed with the Cubs? I don't know. But I can tell you how many won a world series with them. ZERO. Derosa is dirty, scarred, beat-up, bearded and full of pride. He needs the birds on the bat as much as we need him.

4. Re-sign John Smoltz- If Wainwright wins the Cy Young as he should, the 2010 version of the Cardinals would have three Cy Young Award Winners. Smoltz, like Derosa, is a Cardinal. He was a castaway and a presumed has-been when we picked him off of the Boston Red Sox trash pile. He had a solid second half in his first season after major shoulder surgery. Having him for an entire season would do more than we could imagine. He will be a model of success, professionalism, and a mentor and role model to Wainwright, McClellan, and Most importantly...

5. Jamie Garcia- Start him. I saw a five inning start in the middle of '08 and that was all it took. As Robert Wuhl said in Bull Durham, "This kid's got some serious s%$@." As a new starter in the show, you could not possibly come into a better situation than this kid. If you had any question...about anything...anything at could ask...I don't know...Chris Carpenter, John Smoltz, Kyle Loshe, Adam Wainwright, Ryan Franklin, Dave Duncan, Tony get the point. He's a young guy, a new project for the mad genius of a pitching coach...and wait for it...wait for it...A LEFTY!!!!!!!!

John Mo and Billy this for me and the rest of Cardinal Nation...this is the kind of team we will fall in love with, live with, die with, and hoist an 11th World Series Trophy with. This is a Cardinals team...Guys that never give up, never say die, and have too much pride to ever give in...This is our team...this is St. Louis.
-William Saulsbery

William Saulsbery is a graduate of the University of Missouri- Columbia and a St Louis native.

1 comment:

  1. Not sure if I agree w/ the Holliday comment, but overall you are correct. Now fwd this on over to the big wigs. Next time, try to work in that Ryan is a younger version of the best SS you've ever saw play the game....Tom "Mutha****in" Bartels! Bring him out to slow pitch and I'll show him how it's done! haha

    Good work Will!


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